sometimes you get so close to a person you forget you’re telling them things you’ve never even said out loud before


once i take my bra off, don’t ask me to do shit for u bitch bc once that bra comes off, i am clocked out of life. i am done. i am finished. i am logged the fuck out. 

it’s impossible.

you looked inside me and you saw hatred. that’s not victory.


once one of my best friends told me that i was wearing too much makeup (i was wearing lip gloss and mascara) and told me that i should have a look that’s more like my other friend (who wears a full face of makeup every day) as she looks more natural and that moment made me realize that men truly do not understand what makeup looks like

Secrets of the Castle

"You are a broom. Question: if you take a broom and replace the handle, and then later replace the brush - and you do it over and over again - is it still the same broom? Answer: no, of course it isn’t. But you can still sweep the floor.”

favourite character meme

↳ [3/3] emotions - River Song + Love

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My new film is a romantic comedy called What If. And so in the spirit of all things vaguely romantic and totally cheesy, we thought we would talk to you about some terrible chat-up lines x 
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